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Health Coaching

A Primal diet plan improves your health through a metabolic switch in the primary cellular fuel source to which your body and brain are adapted.  When your metabolism switches from relying on carbohydrate-based fuels (glucose from starch and sugar) to fat-based fuels and fat metabolism products called ketones, positive changes at a cellular level occur, and this translates into better overall health.

Food Knolling


Candice Garner

I know everyone thinks I went into hibernation after the new year but I took these first 12 weeks to focus on me. I have been working with Gilbert who provided me all the tools I needed to eat clean. In this 12 weeks I was able to lose 21.8 pounds and gain 2.7 pounds of muscle just by eating correctly. I had my challenges for sure but with Gilbert he kept me on track and focused! Thank you Gilbert for always being supportive and pushing me to the limit!

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